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5 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Space

In this fast-paced world, finding someplace to rest and rejuvenate is imperative for staying physically healthy and mentally grounded. It would be nice to take a vacation whenever stress starts to loom, but that isn’t always practical. Having an oasis of comfort and opulence in your own home is a great way to ensure that you always have a calming retreat when you need it. Where better to establish this retreat than in your bedroom? Here are some tips for bringing luxury to your space:

  1. Choose a restful color palette: Your bedroom is meant to be a place where you can find relaxation, so your color scheme should promote serenity. Neutral palettes as well as muted blues, greens, or lavender shades are all soothing choices. A new coat of paint on the walls is also a relatively inexpensive way to completely reset a room’s look and make a familiar space seem brand-new.
  2. Refresh your bedding: There’s nothing quite like snuggling down between fresh crisp sheets to make you feel pampered, so renewing your space with quality bedding is a must for transforming your bedroom from the ordinary to the extraordinary. To get great sheets, you don’t need to be a thread-count expert, but you’ll want to touch the sheets before you buy them to ensure they feel as soft as they look. Pile on throw pillows to give your bed that sumptuous luxury-hotel air and to pull your decorating scheme together with a fun accent color.
  3. Cut the clutter: A bedroom overstuffed with knickknacks or that feels messy and disorganized isn’t going to be the sanctuary you desire at the end of every day. Keep your surfaces clear, stow unnecessary items out of sight, and keep decorations well-chosen and minimal.
  4. Mind the details: It’s often the little things that add a special grace note to well-designed rooms, elevating lovely décor to a higher level. For inspiration, think of the amenities you may have enjoyed the last time you stayed in a fancy hotel. Why wait to enjoy these types of little luxuries when you’re away from home? Put a glass and carafe of water on your nightstand to satisfy your thirst, add a sound machine to lull you to sleep with soothing white noise, put a vase of fragrant flowers on your dresser, or burn a high-end candle to scent the air with your favorite aroma.
  5. Update your mattress: Luxury isn’t just about looks, it’s about quality, and the most important item in your bedroom is the bed. If your mattress isn’t comfortable, no amount of dressing up the space around it is going to help. Investing in a well-made mattress with the right firmness for your body will reward you with priceless nights of restful sleep.

Every bedroom should set the scene for a great night’s sleep. A long-lasting, high-quality two-sided mattress from IDLE Sleep can help you create the foundation for the perfect luxury bedroom of your dreams. To find out which IDLE Sleep mattress is right for you, click here.

November 7th, 2018

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