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As little as 15 years ago two-sided mattresses were commonplace within the bedding industry. They were easily found in almost any mattress store you walked into. The shift in the industry to drive profits higher left manufacturers with the most plausible option; remove one side of the bed, use cheaper foams, charge more and voila! You have a different mattress with a new story to pitch and larger profits. Idle Sleep has taken a step back from the current bedding industry to evaluate the trends vs. needs of those looking for a quality mattress and what we found was glaringly obvious…the need for something better and different!

The emerging online bedding industry is rapidly growing but with very little difference in each new company that springs up other than creative marketing. This is were Idle Sleep was born. We not only added a second side to our mattress but we made it with high quality materials and made it 14 inches thick! Our bed is superior to all other online brands with a warranty and custom sleep experts to help guide you to the best bed for you.

Now, what makes Idle Sleep two-sided beds superior to one sided brands? It’s simple, by having a two sided bed it allows you to spin AND flip the bed. What is the benefit of flipping the bed, you ask? Mattresses break down over time and by being able to flip the bed you help to wear the foams in the mattress more evenly and thereby extend the life of the mattress. Most companies do not offer this feature as adding an additional side of foam to the bed can get costly but we have done it and all for a comparable price to other one-sided brands.

We offer 4 different beds you can check out at Here are just a few of the benefits of an Idle Sleep mattress.
  • All IDLE™ mattresses are 2-sided. Meaning you can flip your mattress over to limit body impressions & sag in the foam, furthering the life of the bed. All for a comparable price to other one sided brands.
  • Our Thermocool™ fabric is designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot. The IDLE Cool Support Buoyancy Foam is made without visco-elastic chemicals so it stays cooler than memory foam with better pressure relief and a faster response time.
  • IDLE™ Cooling Buoyancy Foam is more restful, cool and reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep and feel better.
  • Up to 4 times better pressure relief than memory foam or other traditional bedding foams.
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Check out an internal view of our beds below.

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