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Back to School Basics: Why a Bed is the Perfect Gift for Your Child’s First Apartment

Millions of college students will be heading off to school in the coming weeks, and yours may be making the jump to living in their own apartment, either after a year or two in dorms or after living at home. Naturally, you want to get them set up right—so what’s the best gift to help them get started? If you’re looking for the perfect combination of an item that will help to keep them healthy when you’re not around to care for them, they’re not likely to buy for themselves, and won’t cramp their budding sense of individual style, then you should consider buying them a bed.

Sure, young adults are famous for being willing to sleep just about anywhere—an uncomfortable dorm bed, a friend’s ratty old sofa, that funky mattress that the last renter left behind—but it doesn’t mean that doing so is good for them. Over time, sleeping on an unsupportive surface will take a toll on their bodies and result in less restful sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to trouble concentrating and learning and impair the immune system, among other negative effects, so giving your child a quality bed helps to set them up for success in their academic endeavors.

Realistically, your child is unlikely to buy the kind of bed that you can purchase for them, because they won’t necessarily have the funds at their disposal to afford a mattress that will provide the best support and that’s engineered to last for the better part of a decade. Do you really want them sleeping on the cheapest rock-hard futon they can find? A good bed with a high-quality mattress is something that will last a long time, accompanying your child beyond their college years and into the start of their career. By contrast, you or they are likely to be able to find other essentials (like a desk) inexpensively at the local thrift shop or a discount store.

Buying a bed also gives you an opportunity to use your experience on your child’s behalf without stepping on their toes when it comes to how they want their new living space to look. They may think of a bed as a boring afterthought and be glad you’re willing to take care of it, even if you know very well that choosing a good quality mattress is more important than agonizing over what posters should go on the wall. Don’t be surprised if they call to thank you when they sink into that mattress after a long day of dashing across campus and realize what a wonderful gift you’ve actually given them.

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August 16th, 2019

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