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“A huge selling point on the Idle mattress was that it was flippable! It took me a lot of time searching for that kind of mattress that could be shipped easily to my house. It's more on the firm side, which I wanted, but I could probably go a little firmer even, so we'll see how it holds up over time. I also liked the fact that it had an 18 month trial period.”

Sara T.


540 nights to try Idle to be exact!

Most Mattress Companies offer 100 days, Idle offers over 500 days so you can Experience why two sided Idle Sleeps Wonderfully longer.

Idle Sleep always gives you...

18 Month Home Trial

Enjoy 18 months to try Idle Risk Free. Idle offers the longest trial available on the best mattress you can find.

Free Shipping & Returns

Free shipping and returns on every order in the US

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee Idle for as long as you own Idle . Idle’s unique Warranty Without EndTM even covers wear from use and body impressions!


Best Mattress You May Never Have Heard Of

When I decided to finally replace my 30 year old mattress and box spring, I realized that mattresses have changed dramatically since the last time I purchased one… The unlimited lifetime warranty and 18 month trial convinced me that this was a quality product. I now own a medium firm hybrid… I can’t imagine going back to my old mattress.



The fact of the matter is, purchasing a new mattress is a long-term investment.

Idle Mattresses are made one at a time, by hand, and you need to take the time to make sure the mattress you spend every night sleeping on, for years, is the right mattress for you. This is why we want you to have 18 Months to experience Idle’s superior comfort and two sided construction.

“My husband and I purchased the cal king almost 2 years ago and we couldn’t be happier. We have been looking for a bed you can actually “flip” for a long time. Most say you can flip your mattress but what they mean is “rotate.” My husband is 6’6 250lbs and mattresses don’t last long with him. This mattress still feels like we just got it! Could not be happier, even 2 years later.”



How Long will it take to receive my Idle mattress?

Your Idle Mattress is produced on order and will ship in 2-3 days. Delivery to most of the U.S takes 2-4 days from our factory.

Do I really Have 18 Whole Months to try The Mattress?

Yes. Idle offers the longest risk free no questions asked trial and return period in the industry. Take full 18 months to be sure Idle is right for you. If you wish to return Idle at any time during your 18 month trial period we will provide a full refund and take care of all return details.

Why 18 months instead of 100 days or 1 year?

100 day long trials only allow you to experience a mattress in one or two seasons and 365 night trials, while longer do not let you test a mattress for true durability and recovery from body impressions and use. We think 18 months will prove how Idle is perfect all year long, more durable than other mattresses and the most comfortable for your best sleep.

How do I return Idle during my trial if Idle is not perfect for me?

Simply call or email us and we will coordinate every element of your return and refund your purchase price in full.

“We were dubious about buying a mattress online....but after hours of area store shopping, we realized that laying on a mattress for 'seconds' or even a minute was not representative of how a 'night of sleeping' on it would be. The opinion of a Store sales staff was not as credible, in our estimation, as that of an actual customer like ourselves. So, we researched online, read reviews, and selected the description/mattress that best suited our needs. We couldn't be more pleased with the result...”


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Warranty Without End
Warranty Without End
Warranty Without End
18-Month Free Trial
18-Month Free Trial
18-Month Free Trial
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100% Safe and Secure
100% Safe and Secure

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