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How Do You Know If It’s Time for a New Mattress?

Even the highest quality mattresses don’t last forever. Unlike a carton of milk, however, a mattress doesn’t come with an expiration date that lets you know when it is past its prime. If you’re wondering how to evaluate the state of your current mattress, here are the factors you should consider:

How old is it?

While some mattresses can last up to a decade, if yours is more than 8 years old you should be considering a replacement. If you’re over 40, or if you’ve experienced a significant change in weight since you first bought your mattress, a replacement may be in order even if it isn’t that old, as your body’s need for support may be quite different now.

Is it lumpy or visibly sagging?

Daily use takes a toll on your mattress over time. You may find that the stuffing has bunched up, or there is now a permanent depression in the spot where you regularly sleep. If this is the case, then your mattress has reached the end of its useful life. Sagging in either a foam or innerspring mattress means that it no longer has the support your body needs for comfort throughout the night.

Do you wake up feeling tired, achy, numb, or stiff?

The quality of the sleep you’re getting is even more important than whether your mattress looks okay. If you wake up feeling tired, that can be a sign that you’re spending your night tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position. Aches, stiffness, and numbness are also indications that your mattress isn’t offering adequate support or proper give at pressure points.

Are your allergies worse at night?

Mattresses are notorious for harboring dust mites, which are harmless but can be an allergy trigger for some people. These build up over the life of your mattress, so if you find that you’re consistently waking up with itchy eyes or a runny nose, it may be because the level of allergens in your mattress is too high.

Do you sleep better when you’re away from home?

If you’ve found yourself thinking that the mattress in your last hotel was a dream compared to your bed at home, that can be a sign that it’s time for a change. You can test whether or not your mattress is the cause of broken rest by sleeping in another location for a couple of days—even just another bed in your house.

At IDLE Sleep, we know that when you’ve invested in a good mattress, you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why all of our luxury mattresses are two-sided. This design allows you to flip and rotate them to even out wear and extend the life of your mattress. Our premium materials provide superior temperature control and pressure relief to give you the restful night’s sleep you’ve been missing. Find out today which IDLE Sleep mattress is right for you.

September 4th, 2018

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