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Mattress Purchasing 101: Do You Need a New Mattress?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping on average. This statistic means a good night’s sleep must be important. The kind of mattress you sleep on will impact the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you must get a mattress that is suited to your needs. Buying a new mattress can be an exhausting task. Like other home furniture, there are enough mattress options on to leave any shopper scratching their head in confusion. Going through the many stores and online retailers can be overwhelming. Arming yourself with the right tips for buying mattresses will make the ordeal easier.

There are a host of things to consider when you go mattress buying; from your sleep habits to your budget, down to the material composition of the mattress, getting the perfect mattress can become a not-so-straightforward affair.

Whether you are planning to replace your mattress or getting one for the first time, a buying guide will come in handy. We have put together the best mattress purchasing tips to help you make an informed choice when shopping.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

Like every other item in your home, you will need to replace your mattress at some point. If you are wondering whether you should get a new mattress, the following signs should give you a bit of clarity.

The Age of Your Mattress

Do you know how old your mattress is? An old mattress can be a barrier to good sleep. You should consider a mattress change if you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for over eight years. Most mattresses will start to wear and become less comfortable the older they become.

How Do You Feel After Waking Up?

If you are waking up not fully rested or feeling aches in the morning, your mattress may be the culprit. A mattress that has lost its compressional abilities will leave you with feelings of discomfort in your neck, back, and shoulders. If you have ruled out an underlying sleep disorder but continue to experience discomfort that wanes through the day, it might be time for some mattress shopping.

You Prefer To Sleep Somewhere Else

If sleeping in a friend’s house or a hotel bed suddenly starts to appeal to you, then your mattress may be betraying you. You should not feel more comfortable sleeping on your couch than on your bed. Replacing your mattress may be what you need to get your bedroom to start feeling like a bedroom again.

You Are Getting Dust Allergies

Allergies can result from prolonged mattress use. Mattresses can accumulate mites, dust, and other allergens over time. If you are coughing or sneezing in the mornings and at bedtime, it could be your mattress, making you unwell.

You Have Experienced a Marked Weight Loss or Gain

A significant change in body size as a result of pregnancy, surgery, or accident could cause mattress discomfort and poor sleep quality. Your mattress may not be able to support you as comfortably if you’ve suddenly become heavier or lighter.

You Notice Your Mattress Sagging

Your mattress should not feel like a hammock. The weakening of the internal layers of your mattress could cause sagging. You might be due a new mattress if you start falling into your old one.

Types of Mattresses

When you’ve decided you need to get a new mattress, the next step will be choosing the type of mattress to buy. There are a plethora of mattresses to choose from in the US. Let’s check out the most common types on sale in the US today, and why you may or may not want to get them.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard of or even tested memory foam mattresses. Memory foams are very popular because of their ability to conform to the sleeper’s body, giving the feeling of being surrounded as they sleep. These products provide hip and shoulder support for people who prefer to sleep on their side. Memory foam mattresses are built with several layers of foam that reduce their tendency to sag in the middle. This technique reduces the need to flip your mattress frequently.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal if you suffer from back and neck problems and desire an additional layer of comfort. However, memory foams retain body heat as they cradle you and can become quite hot in warm weather. Named memory foam mattress brands can come at relatively high prices. New memory foams mattresses can produce a familiar unpleasant odor (off-gassing) due to their viscoelastic components. This smell can linger if the mattress is not well-ventilated.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses (coil mattresses) are popular mattresses made using internal support of metal coils. How well an innerspring mattress conforms to your body is a function of the coil system of the mattress. Coil counts are a factor too. The higher the number of coils in your mattress, the more durable it is and the better the quality of sleep you will get.

Innerspring mattresses come with an assortment of coil gauges and spring shapes that can also influence sleep quality. Innerspring mattresses are widely available, affordable, and easy to move. These products, however, will wear out quickly. They produce the classic bed squeak making sleep uncomfortable after a while.

Gel Mattresses

Gel mattresses are made from a combination of foam infused with gel. They were invented to offset the heat-trapping quality of memory foams. The infused gel absorbs heat from the surrounding material, which dissipates evenly, leaving you cool through the night.
Gel mattresses are a bit expensive and are quite heavy, making transporting them a bit difficult.

Latex Mattresses

Natural materials are used to manufacture latex mattresses. They have become quite popular in the US for their durability and firmness. Latex foam mattresses are designed with varying levels of firmness for any sleeper. They do not retain heat like memory foams and have a natural resistance to allergens. Latex mattresses are generally expensive and could be quite challenging to move.

Pillow-top Mattresses

Pillow-top mattresses are designed to provide extra comfort. The pillow-top is an additional layer of material at the top of the mattress. Pillow-tops are usually attached to innerspring mattresses. The added layer of padding makes these products soft and cushiony, giving them that sinking feeling of memory foams. You have the option of deciding how soft you want your pillow-top to be.
Pillow-top mattresses have excellent cooling and help alleviate pressure point aches and pains inside sleepers. Pillow-top mattresses can be a bit expensive even though they are generally cheaper than memory foams.

Adjustable Base Mattresses

As the name implies, adjustable base mattresses are flexible mattresses that let you modify them to meet your needs. You can adjust the position of your upper or lower body on this to provide pain or pressure relief. This feature is especially useful for people with sleep-related conditions like back pain, apnea, heartburn, or sinus pressure.
Expect to part with good money if you want this mattress. Adjustable mattresses are bulky and will prove challenging to move frequently.

Air and Water Bed Mattresses

Air bed mattresses are designed with a chamber that is filled with air and padded for support. Couples can adjust their respective sides to make the mattress firm or soft as they wish. Air beds are great for back pain, and you can inflate them again when they show signs of sagging.
Water bed mattresses are similar to airbeds but have a chamber filled with water. They are also great for back pain. They come with an adjustable heating feature that makes them perfect for cold winter months.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made by combining two mattress support systems, usually innerspring and latex or memory foams. The spring gives the mattresses their structure and bounciness while the memory foam or latex component means you still get the comfortable mattress hug from your bed.

Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds. These products provide a unique feeling of comfort and sturdiness. Hybrids are relatively new types of mattresses and could be a little more expensive than other mattresses of similar quality.
IDLE Sleep hybrid mattresses are designed with innovative hybrid technology that gives better pressure relief than single memory foams. There are no viscoelastic materials in IDLE mattresses, and the thermocool cross fiber fabric is temperature regulating, keeping you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold.

Tips for Purchasing a Mattress

Like many would-be shoppers, you may have seen that there is an array of mattress options, and picking the best mattress for you isn’t as straightforward as you once thought. If this is you, then using these buying considerations might make things easier. The first thing step towards gaining clarity is knowing the answer to these basic questions:

Who will be sleeping on the mattress?
Will you be using the mattress alone or sharing it with a sleep partner? You will want to take your different sleep habits and preferences into consideration. Consider a mattress with motion isolation technology if one partner does not like being disturbed by the movements of the other.

Mattress size is another factor. Taller couples would prefer larger mattress sizes like the king and California king, while average size couples will find the queen-sized beds adequate. Single sleepers can opt for smaller sized beds as they see fit.

What’s your preferred sleep position?
Your sleeping position can affect your mattress performance. An ideal mattress should provide relief and support to your body contours. How you sleep determines the parts of your body that will experience pressure and the degree of firmness or softness you will require. Side sleepers are better off with soft mattresses like memory foams or hybrid mattresses. A back sleeper would want something of medium firmness while stomach sleepers should look at firm mattresses for comfort.

Do you have aches and pains when you wake?
The point of sleeping is to recharge your body and wake up feeling refreshed. If you wake up feeling like you’ve just finished a marathon, then you may want to go for a different kind of mattress.

A new mattress will not do much good if you have an underlying health condition. If your pain subsides as the day progresses, then your bed could be guilty.
We recommend hybrid and memory foams for nagging sleep pain. However, satisfaction reports are seldom conclusive. You may require expert advice on the choice of mattress for intractable sleep pain.

What’s your budget for a mattress?
Mattresses come at different prices ranging from the unbelievably cheap to downright expensive. Online retailers and other mattress companies will always promote their products as value for money. However, you can never be sure until you’ve used the mattress for a significant period. While it may not always be accurate, quality mattresses command a slightly higher price. Hybrids and airbeds, for example, are generally costlier than innerspring or some foam mattresses.
We know value is relative, and our advice will be that you go for the best quality mattress you can find within your budget.

How portable is the mattress?
Consider a mattress’ ease of mobility should before purchase. The more massive a mattress, the more difficult it is to move. A bulky mattress can become a problem if you have to move frequently. Thus, take your lifestyle into account before making that purchase. A dense mattress could also be challenging to flip if you live alone. If you do not have a partner, you may want to go for lighter mattress types.
IDLE Sleep has a range of 2-sided hybrid mattresses designed for comfort and longevity. IDLE mattresses are layered for softness, bounce, and breathability. IDLE mattress design provides a delicate balance of weight and softness; it easy to flip.

Accompanying accessories
New mattress buyers often like to get other accessories like box spring, pillows, and mattress toppers. Sellers will offer mattresses bundles with their accessories at a discount. Be sure to request available promotions before buying. Some mattress warranty packages come with the provision that you use only an accompanying box spring to be covered by the package.
Whatever you decide, ensure that the seller’s customer service department informs you of all the options available to you.

How much sleep trial can you get?
A product sleep trial happens when the manufacturer of the mattress lets you use their mattress for a length of time and return for a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress you get. Lying on a mattress in the store to get a feel of it before a purchase is not very useful. Your body needs, on average, 30 days to adjust to a mattress, and most manufacturers allow a 30-night break-in period.

The best mattress brands offer a sleep trial of 90 days on average. At the end of the trial period, dissatisfied customers can exchange the mattress for another of different construction, size, or firmness. There are various return policies on bringing back a mattress. Some mattress brands will charge a return fee if you wish to collect a refund after the trial period. Remember to read the fine print before making any payment.

IDLE Sleep offers the longest trial period of any mattress brand in the US. You can test trial IDLE hybrid mattresses for up to 18 months without risk. This unmatched Warranty Without EndTM even protects against wear and body impressions.


What is the best mattress on the market?

There is no best mattress. There is only the best mattress for you. You have to decide what you need before choosing a mattress type. Shopping tips help you compare mattresses before deciding on the most comfortable and suitable.

How long will a mattress last?

The longevity of a mattress depends on the degree of use. However, experts agree that a change of mattress is due after seven to ten years.

Are memory mattresses toxic?

Mattresses made from memory foams give an unpleasant odor that airs out after a period. It is, however, not harmful, even though there have been a few complaints of nausea and eye irritation. These symptoms decrease as soon as the affected person moves away from the mattress

How much should I spend on a mattress?

The cost is relative. What you should do is to get the best quality mattress for you can find within your budget.

How long will it take to break into a new mattress?

Breaking into a mattress can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The longer you have been sleeping on an old mattress, the likelier it is that you will require more time to break into a new one.

Are firm mattresses better?

Whether a firm or soft mattress is better for you actually depends on your preferred sleep position. Generally, back and stomach sleepers will prefer firm mattresses if they do not have back pain. Heavy people will also find a firm mattress to be better. However, side sleepers will find softer mattresses to be better because they cushion the shoulders and hips. Lighter individuals and others with back problems will also prefer softer mattresses. Mattresses come in varying degrees of firmness, and individual choices will always come first.

At IDLE Sleep, we know that great sleep doesn’t happen by accident, and that’s why we invest the latest foam technology and top-notch construction into every one of our luxury mattresses. We don’t just engineer our products to deliver superior comfort; we build them to last for years, so you can count on getting excellent rest night after night; year in, year out. To find out which IDLE Sleep mattress is best for you, click here.


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