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Is an Adjustable Bed Frame Worth It?

When it comes to the right kind of bed, there is no “one-size-fits-all” option. Aside from your personal preferences, your regular sleep position and any health conditions you might have can influence your choice. Recently, adjustable beds have become more popular, especially as new technological features such as memory settings and included USB ports have brought these frames into the 21st century. If you’re considering one for your bedroom, you might be wondering if the investment is worth it. Here are some things to consider.

It used to be the case that buying an adjustable bedframe meant that you had to buy a special mattress designed to work with it, which limited your choices. Thankfully, that isn’t really the case anymore. In general, any “bed in a box” style mattress will work with an adjustable frame. All of IDLE Sleep’s luxury mattresses can be used with our adjustable frames, which means you have a full range of options to select from.

Convenience and comfort are often big considerations among those who are looking at adjustable frames. If you like to relax in bed while you’re watching TV or winding down at the end of the day with a good book, trying to get comfortable on a stack of pillows or against a bolster isn’t always easy. An adjustable bed frame lets you achieve the perfect position effortlessly and adjust it as needed with the touch of a button, without adding foam wedges or extra pillows that take up space in your bedroom.

The other big reason people are drawn to adjustable frames is to help deal with health conditions that can be exacerbated by lying flat. For example, those who suffer from back pain may benefit from being able to raise the head and foot of the bed into a position that better supports the spine in a natural curve at night. Snoring and sleep apnea can be reduced by elevating the head of the bed, which helps to keep the airway open. Raising the head of the bed can also help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux at night. Swollen feet, which can be caused by anything from side effects of medication or disease to simply standing too long, can benefit from raising the foot of the bed. Adjustable frames can even help those who have difficulty getting up from a flat bed due to mobility issues, by making it possible to gently position the bed at an angle it is easier to rise from.

The bottom line is that an adjustable bed frame gives you choices in how you get comfortable and sleep in your bed, whether you have health issues or not. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, even with a high-quality mattress, getting an adjustable base may be the solution. IDLE Sleep’s two adjustable base options give you the control to fine-tune your sleep experience for your needs each night. When you pair one with any of our luxury mattresses, you have a fully customized sleep solution that helps you achieve the rest you need. To see how an adjustable base can make an IDLE Sleep mattress even better, click here.

September 5th, 2019

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