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Why Should You Be Concerned?

A good night’s sleep is the result of many factors – some you can control, and others you simply can’t. The size of your mattress is one factor you can control. Having the right mattress for you contributes to good sleep, and puts you in a bright mood throughout the day. Good sleep ultimately improves your productivity. You’ll want to avoid investing a significant sum of money on a mattress to find out later that it isn’t suited to your needs. Getting the right sized mattress for your needs goes beyond your personal preferences. The size of your bedroom, your height, your level of activity during sleep, and whether or not you’ll be sharing your bed with a pet or partner are some factors that should influence your choice of mattress.

In this guide, we bring you a list of the most commonly purchased mattress sizes to help you pick the most suitable for you. If you are buying a mattress for the first time, it is good that you know how a mattress size is measured before making your order. Knowing your mattress size will be helpful if you are moving to a new apartment or need to get beddings or other accessories. This information could be useful for people who have not purchased a mattress in a long time.

How to Measure Your Mattress Size?

The size of your mattress is determined by measuring the dimensions of your bed. You can obtain your mattress size measurements using a tape rule. A glance at the accompanying manual should give you the dimensions of your mattress size. In the absence of a manual, this is how you can determine your bed’s dimensions:

Measure the width: With your tape rule, determine the width of your mattress in inches from one side to the other

Measure the length: With your tape rule, determine your mattress length in inches from head to foot.

Estimate the height: Measure the height of your mattress from the box spring’s bottom up to the top of the mattress. Standard mattress sizes have a height of 11 inches.

The dimensions for a standard mattress is typically in inches and expressed as width x length x height.

Now that we’ve gotten that little piece of arithmetic sorted, let’s turn our attention to the standard types of mattress sizes:

Single Mattresses

39” x 75” x14”

The smallest mattress size available on sale today is the single mattress. It is alternatively known as the twin mattress. These mattress sizes are designed for single sleepers who are not very tall. The twin size is a popular mattress size in dorm rooms and rooms shared by growing kids. Two of these mattresses can be placed side by side hence the name. Twin mattresses can easily fit into small apartments, guest rooms, and other tight sleeping spaces. They can be moved easily and on short notice since they do not take up much space. Single mattresses are usually the most affordable of all mattress sizes. When used as a toddler’s bed, install safety rails on either side of the mattress, so the toddlers do not fall over. The recommended room size for twin mattress beds is a minimum of seven feet by ten feet.

Twin XL Mattresses

Twin XL Mattresses
39” x 80” x 14”

The mattress size twin XL is a variant of the twin mattress sizes, an upgrade of sorts. The key difference is that it is six inches longer than the single mattress. Also known as the California Twin mattress, it is the mattress size of choice in college dorms. It is perfect for single sleepers, especially tall teenagers and adults who require a little more legroom. This mattress size is not wider than a twin, so it is a great choice for sleepers with limited room. The twin XL mattress size has a recommended room size of eight feet by ten feet, at least. Like its shorter cousin, the twin mattress, it is easily maneuverable and can be moved with minimal fuss.

Full Size Mattresses

54” x 75” x 14”

A full size mattress is notably wider than both twin mattress sizes, and it is sometimes known as the double bed mattress. This mattress size is perfect for sleepers who want more bed space. A parent who likes to read with their child will find a full sized mattress perfect. A full sized mattress will fit an adult and a pet comfortably. The double bed mattress is recommended for bedrooms with a minimum size of about 9 feet by 9.6 feet. Two average-sized adults may use a double bed mattress if they don’t mind body contact during sleep. Couples who like to snuggle or sleep close to each would find a full sized mattress comfortable. Couples who wish to have their personal sleeping space should consider other options.

Queen Size Mattress

60” x 80” x 14”

The queen size mattress is the most sought-after mattress type today. This mattress size is longer and wider than the full size mattress by about six inches. The queen size is perfect for couples who want just a little sleeping distance between them. Despite its relatively large size, the queen size mattress will easily fit into most master bedrooms. It is easier and cheaper to get beddings and accessories for a queen size mattress because of its popularity. Tall teenagers and adults with pets or kids they love to read to will certainly find this mattress size cozy. The ideal room size for a queen size mattress ranges from 10 feet by 10 feet to about 10 feet by 14 feet.

King Size Mattress

76” x 80” x 14”

The king size mattress is the size of two twin XL beds combined. It is perfect for couples who are huge on personal space. Couples can sprawl on their beds without disturbing their partners. The size of the king size mattress means that there is plenty of room for kids or pets. King size beds can come with split options that allow couples to customize their sides of the bed. It means that a couple can decide the degree of firmness or softness of their position on the mattress. The king size mattress is huge and heavy, and this can bring about problems of maneuverability. Moreover, consider the fact that it requires a large bedroom and it could be difficult to move up a flight of stairs. To comfortably house a king-sized bed, you require a room size of about 13 feet by 13 feet up to about 13 feet by 19 feet.

California King Mattress

72” x 84” x 14”

The California king mattress is the longest of all the standard mattress sizes. It is four inches longer than the king size mattress but three inches shorter by width. The California king mattress is perfect for individuals or couples who are tall and do not appreciate their feet hanging from their beds. Couples who enjoy stretching out will find the California king mattress perfect. The king and California king mattress sizes require large bedrooms. However, the reduced width of the California king makes it a little better in this regard. The recommended bedroom size for this mattress size is 10 feet by 12 feet up to 13 feet by 19 feet.

Mattress Structure and its Importance

Beyond the dimensions of your mattress, other structural mattress factors – the thickness (sometimes specified as height/depth), bounce, support, etc. – can affect sleep. The thickness of a bed is vital for most people’s comfort. Heavy people and couples will be better served by a mattress of considerable depth. The overall thickness of a mattress is determined by the strength of materials used in constructing the different layers of the mattress.

Standard mattresses have three to five structural layers. The first two layers are responsible for the feel of a mattress. They are known as the comfort layers and should be at least two inches thick. The middle layer is the support layer. It is designed to be a mix of firmness and flexibility. This layer is the part of the bed that ensures your spine is aligned correctly. This layer should also be at least two inches thick. The third layer is the foundational layer. Experts recommend that this layer should make up to 50% of your bed’s thickness. The level of durability and compression support of a mattress is determined by the strength of this layer. A mattress with a foundational layer of less than adequate thickness will not last very long.

Evidently, the thickness of a mattress goes beyond what is immediately visible. Manufacturers do not often accurately disclose the thickness of their products. Other manufacturers do not adhere to US standards leaving some customers to deal with products of inconsistent size and thickness. Picking a mattress is enough work without having to worry about the construction details of your mattress. Buyers are encouraged to read product reviews before buying.

Mattress Accessories

The appropriate mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. You will improve your sleep if you ensure to get the right accessories for your mattress. Here are some of the essential mattress accessories.


The right pillow is as almost as crucial as the right mattress. An unsuitable pillow will cause neck pain, arm numbness, and headaches. The perfect pillow is one that keeps your sleeping posture healthy. Your pillow should ensure your body is in a neutral alignment from your head, neck, shoulders, down to your knees, the same way it would be if you were standing on your feet.
A preferred sleeping position should determine the type of pillow to choose from the lot. If you like to sleep in a supine position (face up), we recommend a thin pillow. A thin pillow ensures your neck doesn’t go too far forward from the rest of your body. Water pillows and memory foams are an equally excellent option for back sleepers. You can reduce lower back pressure by placing another pillow under your knees when sleeping.

People who sleep on their sides will benefit more from firm pillows with wide gussets. Thick, firm pillows help to reduce the gap from your ear to shoulder. Side-sleepers should consider aligning their spine by placing a pillow between their knees when sleeping.


Your mattress sheets are the part of your bed that touches your skin; therefore, you’ll want to pick one that gives you a feeling of coziness and comfort. There are enough sheet styles and patterns on sale to leave you feeling dizzy when you shop for sheets.

If you are unsure of what sheet is most suitable for your use, here are some pointers that’ll guide you in making the right choice:


Cotton, linen, and silk are the most common materials used in bedsheet manufacturing. Cotton sheets are by far the most preferred. These sheets are remarkable for their durability and breathability. Cotton sheets are suited to any climate. They will trap heat in cold weather and allow passage of air in warm weather. Cotton is often blended with other materials like rayon, wool, and other natural fibers to alter the weight or feel of the sheets. The most common cotton sheets include the Sea Island cotton, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and the Percale cotton.

If you are a hot sleeper – you feel warm when you sleep – then you will want to consider linen sheets. Linen sheets are great for hot climates. They readily absorb body heat, leaving you with a feeling of coolness throughout the night.

Silk sheets are highly durable and luxurious bed sheets made from silk material. You will have to spend a little more if you want to shop for silk sheets.

Thread count

The thread count of a sheet is the amount of vertical or horizontal threads per square inch of fabric. For the most part, sheets with higher thread counts provide higher levels of smoothness, durability, and comfort. However, sheets with high thread counts – up to 800 and higher – are expensive without necessarily providing an equivalent level of comfort. Sheets within midrange thread counts – between 400 and 500, for example – are ideal.


You need a sheet that fits perfectly with your mattress. You don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing a suitable bedsheet to find it not of appropriate size. For a smooth fit, consider going for standard size sheets with elastic bands around the edges. If your bed is for some reason not of standard size, ensure the sheets you choose makes room for those adjustments.
You should likewise look at the size of other accessories like your bed frame and box spring if you don’t have them already.
At IDLE Sleep, we know that great sleep doesn’t happen by accident, and that’s why we invest the latest foam technology and top-notch construction into every one of our luxury mattresses. We don’t just engineer our products to deliver superior comfort; we build them to last for years, so you can count on getting excellent rest night after night; year in, year out. To find out which IDLE Sleep mattress is best for you, click here.

The Luxury Bed

Several components make up a luxury bed, including mattress, bed-sheet, pillow, bed frame, headboard, and footboard. The mattress, bed-sheet, and pillow are particularly essential for a good night’s sleep. One can buy all six components in a luxury bed set or as individual items. What matters is the quality, price, beauty, and sleeper’s need & preference. Quality and price are all some people care about, but this shouldn’t be the case. A first caliber luxury bed will be a sorry experience for the wrong need or décor.
Imagine the regret of buying a luxury bed designed for a need different from yours. Let’s say you weigh over 200 pounds, and you went ahead to purchase some super-soft luxury mattress with a density of 3lbs/ft3. You’ll sink uncomfortably in this mattress and even experience sleep disorders. Similarly, an exclusive bed design can upset the décor of a bedroom; and a disordered décor can have severe psychological hits like moodiness.
You want a beautiful bed because it’s likely the first thing people notice when they enter your bedroom. Just one luxury bedroom furniture like a mattress or a headboard can alter your bed’s charm – either for better or worse. It can also save you the need to buy a new bed-set to improve the appeal of your bedroom. The summary of this all is that your needs and bedroom décor should influence your buying decision.

The Headboard

For most people, a bed is incomplete without the headboard. However, some people consider headboards an unnecessary expenditure – particularly modern luxury headboards. This misperception is likely due to an inadequate understanding of the benefits a headboard offers.
Ancient Egyptians invented the headboard as a shield against draught. They also used it for warmth and decoration. The Roman era saw people using headboards for the same reasons. It’s a fact that headboards are protective and add charm to a bed. A headboard against the window prevents cold air seeping onto sleepers. Investing in a headboard, therefore, becomes essential if you frequently experience cold air at night.
Some people use the headboard to cover up or prevent stains and marks on the wall left by the rubbing of bed frames. Modern luxury headboards are also great for relaxation before sleep after the day’s hassles. You can lean on it while reading a book, working with your laptop, surfing the net on your smartphone, or having breakfast. Padded headboards are especially useful for this.
With a headboard, many people experience what they call Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a philosophical belief conceived in China. It refers to comfort that stems from a sense of security that the headboard provides. The shield-like status makes some people feel protected behind the headboard, leading them to relax and sleep better.
Headboards come in different designs for any bed size or type. When buying a headboard as an individual component of a luxury bed, make sure it fits the size, design, and color of your bed. Also, check if it conforms to your practical needs regarding height and feel. It should also be a design pleasing to your eyes. Because headboard and bed designs often overlap, it is better to buy them together.
There are three types of headboards: Upholstered Headboard, Extended Headboard, and Oversized Headboard. An extended headboard is more extensive than your divan. It may have a bedside table or lockers. They come in different modern designs and require more space. Oversized headboards are sizeable fitted headboards that fasten to a wall. They are typically tall and can even cover an entire wall. Upholstered headboards are padded or coated with some material, either partially or wholly.

The Footboard

Depending on the design of your bed, a footboard can prevent the mattress, bedclothes, or blankets from sliding off. It gives the bed a complete look, potentially adding beauty to the bedroom. People find footboards relatively useful based on their quirks. Without a footboard, those who sleep rough may often find their feet hanging off the end of the bed.
Some people complain that footboards block their luxury bedclothes from view, and look awkward in a small bedroom. It is also more challenging to assemble a bed that has a footboard. You may buy a footboard if:

  • You want a bed that looks complete.
  • You could spend a little more time assembling a bed.
  • You don’t mind concealing a part of the bed-sheets.
  • You are always having things slide off the bed.
  • Your mattress is not long enough, and you often wake up with your feet hanging over the lower edge.
  • Your room is large enough.

Just like the headboard, a footboard should match the décor of your room and the bed design.

The Pillow

A pillow is an essential sleep accessory. It gives you a sound sleep posture and helps align the spine by equally distributing your body weight.
The only people who can ditch the pillow without much consequence are stomach-sleepers because sleeping on your stomach with a pillow is very unhealthy. Your body weight shifts to the middle exerting too much pressure on your back. The pressure imbalance results in stress in the neck and back and makes it harder for your spine to keep its natural curve.
However, ditching the pillow does not eliminate alignment problems for stomach-sleepers. It only reduces it. As you sleep face-down without a pillow, your neck stays straight with the face on one side. The neck also slightly extends backward. Your face on one side with the neck extending back creates an awkward angle that might result in neck pain if you maintain this position throughout the night. The result is even worse for side sleepers. Also, sleeping on your back or sides without a pillow overextends the neck. Due to the unequal distribution of pressure in the neck muscles, you are likely to wake up with neck pain, headache, or some sleep disorder.
According to a study published on ResearchGate, a luxury pillow reduced neck pain and headache in patients and improved sleep quality by providing comfort and support to the neck lordosis.
Regarding which pillow to buy, there is no universal guideline for pillow design based on evidence. But there are two critical factors to consider: pillow height and level of comfort (softness). Research by NCBI concludes that there is no universal recommendation on pillow height; neither can you determine an optimal pillow height according to your height or neck length. NCBI found that people rate pillows primarily on comfort, but the researchers noted that sometimes a firm pillow of a certain height is better for health.
It is best to know and stick to the optimal pillow height for you. Idle Sleep, one of the best brands for sleep gear, includes free pillows with their mattresses and gives consumers up to 18 months risk-free trial. Such an offer allows you to try the pillow and mattress and request a change if unsatisfied. Sleep trials are a better way to test different pillow heights without spending for it. Idle Sleep pillows are made of a gel memory-foam formula that makes it more refreshing, providing better support than traditional pillows.

The Bedspread

Bedspreads are made from several raw materials that ultimately determine the quality and price of the bedspreads. Besides the everyday material used in the production of bedspreads, some companies use innovative combinations that aim to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of individual elements. One such innovative approach to bedding designs is the WovenTM TENCEL by Idle Sleep. Idle Sleep’s WovenTM TENCEL bedspreads use a unique blend of materials to produce quilt better than traditional cotton or linen.
TENCEL fiber is an infusion of eucalyptus trees. It is smooth and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. It also requires about 10 – 20 times less water than cotton. It has a silky soft texture with a massaging effect on the body, absorbs moisture to keep you fresh during summertime, and resists temperature to keep you warm in the wintertime. The material is equally eco-friendly. Idle Sleep produces good ones in universal sizes and pillow sets, with extras like pockets and elastic features. It also has different makes to fit all luxury bed sizes.
The most popular bed-sheet fabric is linen. Although it’s widely available, it’s often considered luxurious. Linen bed sheets are popular with hotels, celebs, and many people around the world. Idle Sleep’s WovenTM TENCEL combines the advantages of linen, further improving it with innovative solutions. It is bacteria-resistant, breathable, filtering, moisture absorbing, durable, etc.
Other popular bedclothes are cotton, silk, wool, bamboo, and jerseys – all having their pros and cons, most of which are no match for the ones by Idle Sleep.

The Bed Frame

Many people wonder if using a bed frame is necessary at all. Why not use the mattress alone or with a box spring?
Bed frames are so advantageous that your personal preferences may not matter. Bed frames keep the underneath of your mattress dry and aired, preventing molds, mildew, and other insect infestations. They provide better support for some mattresses. Some bed frames also give you extra storage space if you live in a cramped house.
Several luxury mattress brands like Idle Sleep have bed frames that bring out the best of any luxury mattress. A luxury bed frame adds beauty to the bedroom and prevents your mattress from sliding, unlike a spring box.
There are several types of bed frames. Innovative designs like the adjustable bed base by Idle Sleep offer a lot more benefits than traditional platforms. You can incline your head or foot, vary your sitting position to eat, watch TV, or do other activities. The ability to adjust your bed helps reduce snoring, prevent sleep apnea, acid reflux, and so on. Different innovative bed frames are smart or platform base. Idle Sleep has a good design for both stylish base and platform base.

Popular Bed Types

Wooden Bed
Wooden bed frames are the oldest of all, but still very available for purchase. It is arguably still the most popular of all bed types. They may be upholstered, carved wood, or paneled design. Even four-poster and sleigh designs were once wooden designs.
Four Poster Bed
Four-poster beds first came around during the 16th century when it was a symbol of wealth and luxury. Typically, a four-poster bed has long vertical posts at each corner of the bed. The four vertical posts gave it the name four-poster. The vertical poles can be equal or taller at the head.
Metal-Frame Bed
They started from vintage wrought iron and have evolved to industrial designs like the ones on Idle Sleep. The benefit of metal frames is that they offer a less spatial alternative to wooden structures. Many can also fold for secure storage like the frames in a camp bed.
Upholstered Bed
Upholstered luxury beds have their frames fully or partially covered in fabric or other material. Most bed bases can have an upholstered model. Upholstered beds have more beautiful designs, and those with a headboard provide a higher level of comfort.
Canopy Bed
It is just a modified version of a four-poster. Unlike a four-poster, it has a horizontal bar connecting each of the four posts to its perpendiculars. A curtain can hang from each bar to form a canopy-like bed, hence the name. Modern designs substitute drapes for curtains or are left bare.
Storage Bed
Some beds have an in-built storage feature for keeping seasonal bed accessories or personal items not currently in use. There are two most popular designs: Ottoman storage and Drawer storage. Drawer storage comes with two or four drawers that you can pull or slide. An Ottoman design has an open room under the spring base of the bed and generally controlled by a hydraulic hinge system.
Platform Bed
It is one of the most popular beds for the modern era. It is a low profile bed, mostly having an angular design. It is a mattress rounded by a protruding frame to give a floating impression. This bed type has both wooden and upholstered designs. It usually consists of a flat base raised above the ground to allow ventilation for the mattress. It is typically rectangular with rows of wooden slats for support.

Types of Bed Base

Platform Divan Bed Base
It is the purest form of a divan. It has a solid upholstered top without padding or springs. It is firm and unresponsive to pressure. Because of this rigidity, a platform divan bed base is not the best option for high-quality sprung mattresses.
Sprung Edge Divan Bed Base
It is the most comfortable and luxurious divan bed bases. It has a foam layer and an open coil unit like the ones in a spring mattress. The coils make it responsive to the movements of a sleeper.
The Slated Bed Base
It is the most common open-base bed frame. Slats are mostly laminated softwood. Flexible slats are better than the flat ones as they offer better support to the bed because it moves under pressure.

The Mattress

The mattress is the most crucial component of a bed. You can have the best of other bed components, but without a proper mattress, you have no place to sleep. Mattresses have various health benefits depending on their condition.
Benefits of a Good Mattress
A good mattress will align your spine properly. A properly aligned spine helps to alleviate sleep disorders like neck pain, headache, stress, muscle ache, and others. It also gives you great comfort and improves sex experience.
Effects of a Bad Mattress
Old mattresses are known to cause or worsen many health problems like headaches, stress, asthma, and others. Top of it all, they affect your ability to sleep or rest. It is recommended for adults to sleep 7 – 9 hours a day, and you can’t do that on a bad mattress. Consequently, you’re left with sleep deprivation and accompanying health issues.
Better Sleep Council holds that your likelihood to wake up feeling healthy and strong enough to start the day depends on the age of your mattress. The recommended age,to retire a bed is 7 to 10 years. However, it is not a requirement if the mattress still delivers an acceptable level of comfort. The challenge is how to know it does because the process is slow and scarcely noticeable.
The first pointer for replacement is the age of your mattress. If you start experiencing unusual sleep disorders and your bed is older than the recommended age, chances are you need a replacement. The need for replacement is likely the case if you suspect your mattress for sleep abnormalities, as is the case with 73% of consumers, according to a survey by BSC. Other times, you only need to change your pillow or sleep position.
According to a research, more than 80% of respondents cite an excellent night’s sleep as the primary motive for replacing their mattress. Other reasons people change their mattresses include weight gain, overly soft mattress, or sagging of the bed. Consumers also report replacing their mattress if it has too many stains, becomes too noisy or weak. Many others retire a bed because they want to upgrade to a bigger size or the latest designs and innovations.
Technology and innovation flood the market with a myriad of mattresses. While such variety widens our options for a good mattress for all sleeping positions and body types, it can become very daunting making the right choice.

Types of Mattresses

Your ultimate choice of a mattress to buy depends on preferences, budget, body weight, sleeping position, and other conditions like health challenges and bed-sharing. All mattress types have pros and cons. Most mattresses fall under one of the following five categories:
Foam Mattress (7 years)
Just as the name aptly describes, it’s a product of pure foam – top to bottom. The comfort feature is a layer or more of foam, unlike other segments that primarily offer support. Some foam beds will have polyfoam as the comfort layer or a combination of memory and polyfoam. Foam luxury beds absorb more heat than mattresses made of other materials. They are suitable for cold areas.
Memory foams provide better comfort than poly foams. They also align the spine better and soothe pressure points. Foam beds of higher density last longer. Mattress density measures in Pounds per cubic feet. When shopping for a foam mattress, check the foam type, material density, and ILD. ILD is the amount of force that can compress a mattress by 4 inches. An ILD within 8 to 21 pounds is the widely-accepted standard.

1. Affordable and widely available
2. No noise
3. Acceptable level of comfort
4. Isolates motion (next to zero motion transfer)

1. Likely to off-gas (maybe with odor)
2. Absorbs more heat (the right mattress for hot sleepers)
3. Might sag pretty fast
4. Edge support issues
Latex Mattress (8.5 years)
The comfort layer of this mattress is a derivative of synthesized or natural latex. The support structure can be dense foam or latex. Companies process latex using two methods. The method a company uses affects the level of comfort of the luxury bed. The Talaya method produces better comfort mattresses than the Dunlop method. For latex beds, an IDL of 16 is the softest and 39 the firmest.

Above-average lifespan
Acceptable comfort
Absorbs less heat


Likely to off-gas
Comparatively poor edge support
Cumbersome and heavy
Relatively pricier
Innerspring or Coil Mattresses (5.5 years)
Innerspring mattresses have support mechanisms with steel coils on a polyfoam base. The comfort features are often a layer or more of poly foam. The coil type, gauge, pitch, and number all affect the quality of the mattress. Coil types include Bonnell, Offset, Continuous Wire, and Pocketed coils. Bonnel is less durable and is used in less expensive mattresses. Offset coils last relatively longer and are seen in more expensive mattresses. Continuous Wire coils are stronger than Bonnell but conform less closely. Pocketed coils are found mostly in hybrid mattresses: it isolates motion and minimizes noise better than other coil types.
Coil gauge refers to the thickness, and thicker coils last longer. An indicator of 12 to 18 is the modern standard. Pocketed coils tend to have a higher gauge, and Offset coils have the lowest. The other coil types do not seem to have a consistent measure.
The coil pitch describes the angle of the inclination of coils relative to the surface. The coil pitch determines how firm a mattress can be.
Coil count does not affect conformity or longevity. A coil count between 600 and 1000 is the sweet spot for most consumers.

  • Affordable and readily available
    Bouncier for sex
    Absorbs less heat
    The edges are stronger


  • limited longevity
    provides slightly less comfort
    Likely to be noisy
    Poor motion isolation
  • Air Mattresses (8 years)
    Airbeds have scarcely any comfort layer. The support structure has at least two air chambers that inflate or deflate preferentially. Most airbeds are customizable, which makes them great for couples with different sleep positions. You can always make up for the thin comfort layer by using a luxury bedspread.
    It’s imperative to note the customization range, controls, and trench of airbeds. Wide-range customization is preferable, and commands that use a remote device are better than those that only adjust manually. Airbeds have an issue with the channel that may appear with time. A dangerous trench can impede comfort.
    Above-average lifespan
    Customization features
    Good conformity to the shape
    Serves different sleep postures
  • Less available
    More expensive than others
    Absorbs too much heat or cold for others
    Can get noisy

Flippable Mattresses (10 years+)
Flippables once dominated the bed market. You can flip it once in a while to provide even wear and extend its lifespan. Older models will begin to sag, break, or indent in the middle if not flipped often enough. However, modern, more innovative brands like Idle Sleep have efficiently minimized these problems.
The unique feature of flappable mattresses is that they last much longer while providing equal or superior comfort compared to others.
Some people dislike flippable mattresses due to the need to flip it once in a while. Others consider them too expensive. However, new modern designs like the Hybrids by Idle Sleep cost far less than the supper-comfort value they offer.
Allows used areas to decompress
Even ware
Last longer than any type
Provides more comfort

Heavy and cumbersome
May be impossible to flip alone
Often more expensive

Consider the Following Features of a Mattress When Shopping

Mattresses come in six sizes: Twin – 38″ x 75″, Twin XL – 38″ x 80″, Full sized – 54″ x 75″, Queen Sized – 60″ x 80″, King – 76″ x 80, and California King – 72″ x 84″. The first two sizes are best for only one adult. Full or Queen Sizes can serve an adult with a pet or two adults without a pet. The rest will be comfortable for adults and children to share.
Choose firmness based on your weight and sleep position. Soft mattresses are best for side-sleepers, while stomach sleepers may find firm mattresses more comfortable. People weighing less than 130 pounds may find soft beds better for conformity, while individuals weighing up to 230 should opt for firm mattresses.
Mattress thickness can be from below 5” to more than 15”. Thicker mattresses are better for weighty individuals. However, if you have trouble getting in and out of bed, then a high bed can be inconvenient.
Do not buy an overly-priced mattress. Some manufacturers will use lots of fancy jargon to exaggerate the quality of a bed, just get more money out of you. Do not fall for such. Study the specs carefully and do further research on anything you do not understand. Expensive does not translate to high quality.
The concept of durability refers to how long a mattress will continue to perform throughout prolonged use. Depending on how much you are paying for it, the lifespan might or might not be worth it.
Motion Isolation
If you live with a partner or share your bed, it is essential to buy a mattress that isolates motion. Motion isolation refers to the tendency of a foundation to contain movement within a part of the mattress such that one sleeper’s move does not disturb the other’s sleep.
Pressure Relief
The pressure relief of a mattress refers to how well it conforms to your body shape. Depending on weight, a bed should be soft or firm enough for proper soothing of pressure points. Good pressure relief depends on the comfort layers. When it comes to pressure relief, memory foam or latex remains the best.
Sex Considerations
Bouncy and more responsive beds are better for sex. A non-responsive mattress might stay rigid or sink during sex and negatively affect your ability to give or receive pleasure.
Temperature Neutrality
Mattresses that absorb and retain too much body heat will be inconvenient – especially for stomach and side sleepers.
Almost all mattresses release harmless gas. Only foam and latex carry an unpleasant odor. In most cases, the smell disperses in a day or so, particularly in a well-ventilated room.
Edge Support
All mattresses are prone to sinkage at the edges. That’s because people tend to sit at the sides when they get up from the bed, or about to get on it. A mattress with excellent edge support can withstand prolonged pressure at the edges.
Noise Potential
Noise is an issue with spring mattresses, which are likely to make noises when you move around. Noisy beds can disturb your partner’s sleep.
How well a mattress levels out after pressure is worth your consideration. If it maintains an even surface, that means it can align the spine.

Consider the Following When Shopping Online

Shipping and Delivery
You want your purchases to ship fast and free. Not all online stores can make this happen. Some sellers reduce item prices to make up for it in the shipping cost, and this is common with sizeable online market places like Amazon and eBay.
Take note of delivery time too. Brands like Idle Sleep offer free shipping and have a reputation for quick delivery via UPS or FedEx.
Trial and Returns
Most brands offer free sleep trials that last for a few days to many months. Idle Sleep, for instance, offers as many as 18 months’ risk-free trials. Most brands do not pass more than 100-day sleep trial. Note the seller’s return policy, as the cost of returns might be on you. Idle Sleep and other brands offer free returns.
Most mattresses come with warranties of at least ten years. The length of the warranty and items covered under warranty are essential things to know. Brands like Idle Sleep have a lifetime warranty. Apart from the usual things covered under a mattress warranty, Idle Sleep goes further to include body impression and wear from use.
Safety Certification
Modern mattresses should have certifications that test against harmful chemicals. Several reliable organizations tender such certifications. OEKO-TEX certification certifies that no harmful additives or processes have compromised the safety of the item. There are other certifications that you can research to find what they confirm.


Which mattress size is the best?

There is no answer to this question. Mattress sizes are not one-size-fits-all. The best mattress size for you is the size that meets your sleep needs of comfort and mobility.

Is a full size mattress big enough for two?

Yes. A full size bed is big enough for two people provided they aren’t concerned about body contact during sleep.

What size bed do most couples have?

The most common mattress size in use is the queen size mattress. It is popular because it can accommodate a couple comfortably without taking up a lot of space.

What is the biggest mattress size?

The king size bed is the biggest mattress size. Its dimensions are 76” x 80” x 11”. However, it is four inches shorter than the California king size mattress in length.

Can two twin mattresses make a king size mattress?

Two twin mattresses cannot make a king. However, the twin XL mattresses can be combined to obtain a king size mattress.

How high should a mattress be?

A standard size mattress has a height of 11 inches. However, you can buy custom made mattresses with your height specifications.


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