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Moving Soon? The Idle Moving Guide Saves You Time and Money!

How Can A New Mattress Make Your Move Easier?

Avoid the effort and pain of moving your old mattress

Idle mattresses arrive rolled and boxed up – so you don’t have to move your heavy, bulky old mattress down the stairs, through the door and onto the truck

Save space in the removal truck and reduce rental cost

The less space you need, the smaller the removal truck, the lower the cost. Save money: get a brand new mattress delivered to your door, hassle-free

Get the perfect size mattress for your new bedroom

Upsizing or downsizing? A brand new mattress and bed – the perfect size for your new space – can help create the perfect spacious sleeping environment

Have the best night’s sleep of your life

Moving is stressful and tiring – we know that. So why not treat yourself to some well-earned rest at the end of a day unpacking boxes – on the comfiest mattress

The true cost of moving

Graph showing that inner-state moves cost on average $2,300, inter-state moves $4,300

Studio apartment:

~ $1,000

2-bedroom apartment:

~ $2,400

3-bedroom house:

~ $3,200

Larger homes:

~ $4,800

Approximate price for inter-state moving. Packing not included.*

Data by The American Moving & Storage Association.

What drives the cost up?
  • Moving Date

    Be flexible if you can as some dates are cheaper than others

  • Volume of Stuff

    The more possessions you move, the more expensive it will be

  • Moving Supplies

    Buying enough boxes to pack up your entire life can be surprisingly pricey

  • Packing Services

    Convenience comes at a price - ask yourself if it’s worth it

  • Liability and Valuation Coverage

    Accidents happen when moving but protection can come at an unexpected cost

  • Service Add-ons

    Getting your movers to assemble or reassemble furniture is great, but not free

  • Travel Costs

    Truck rental, gas money and trailer prices don’t always come cheap

  • Storage Costs

    It’s tempting to put unneeded possession into storage - but you’ll pay for it long after moving

10 top tips for saving time and money on moving

Tip 1. Shop around for movers

Plan your house move well ahead of time and get multiple quotes from removal companies to ensure the best deal - you may be surprised just how much of a price range there is

Tip 2. Make sure you’re working from quotes, not just Google

The American Moving and Storage Association states that the average cost of an interstate household move is about $4,300, while an intrastate move is about $2,300. Having said that, a local move requiring a modest truck and couple of hours’ work can run to just a few hundred. Do your research well in advance so that you can set an accurate budget

Tip 3. Spring clean in advance

The more stuff you have to move, the more stressful and expensive it will be. Give yourself a break and clear out unused, unloved belongings well ahead of moving date

Tip 4. Avoid hoarding cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for mattresses - not so great for fragile items. Plastic tote boxes can be rented from packing companies and returned - minimising potential for damage and reducing empty box clutter

Tip 5. Pack smarter

You’d be amazed just how much more space folded clothing and bedding takes up compared to rolled-up fabric. When you’re packing up your whole house, that wasted space really adds up - try to maximise your space and minimise required boxes

Tip 6. Map out your decor

Get an accurate floor plan of your new home, measure your furniture and plan where everything will go. This will give you a better idea of what you’re going to keep, what you can get rid of (or sell) and which mattress is right for you

Tip 7. Take a full inventory before packing

Identifying just how much stuff you need to transport to your new home can really help you make a decision on what comes with you and what goes to the Good Will donation. It can also save you money and should make your final removal truck bill a lot less of a surprise

Tip 8. Rent your own truck

Hiring professional movers may save on effort, but the costs can add up. If you really want to make your moving budget go further, look into renting a truck yourself - it can run to just a couple of hundred dollars and will give youtube full picture of just how much you’re taking with you - and what you don’t need to

Tip 9. Tick off all the admin way ahead of time

Crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s as early as possible can save a huge amount of time and even money. Apply for utilities, enroll your kids in a new school as early as you can and just generally get ahead of the game - that way you’ll avoid paying for utilities you aren’t using or being left high and dry

Tip 10. Decide what time of year you want to move (it matters)

Your moving date can obviously depend on a number of factors (school enrolment, lease end date etc.) - but if you have a little flexibility it can make all the difference. Summer is generally more expensive as trucks are in-demand, so look to move in Spring or Fall to minimise your spend

We hope these tips help save you time, money and stress during your move - now let us help you save even more money with a brand new mattress.

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IDLE Sleep takes on longevity with their dual-sided mattress with advanced comfort foams and high-end coils to keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come.

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10 / 10

“The IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid is a beast of a mattress that’s supportive, comfortable, and very very nice. It even has one unique feature that you don’t find on a lot of beds: you get the option to pick the firmness level of each side of the bed….we have no shortage of good things to […]

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Why Choose Idle?

The World’s Longest Mattress Trial

Buying a mattress is a big purchase, particularly when you’ve just bought a new home.

You can enjoy 18 months of trying Idle Risk Free. Idle offers the longest trial available on the best mattress you can find – that’s 540 nights in total. If anything isn’t right, you can return it at any time, free of charge.

Warranty Without End™

Our trademark Warranty Without End™ protects against all kinds of general wear and tear and even body impressions. It’s our way of helping you avoid any of the stress that usually comes with moving house. What’s more, our warranty applies for as long as you own your Idle Mattress – meaning you can just rest easy and settle into your brand new home (literally).

Flexible Financing

With our comprehensive financing options, you can pay for your Idle mattress over time at a rate that suits you. We work with multiple lenders to provide the best financing solutions for you and your circumstances.

Rest easy with 0% APR on purchases for up to 5 years (60 months).

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