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All Natural Organic Cotton is wrapped all the way around the IDLE Latex Hybrid. This fabric is eco-friendly, healthy and allows for exceptional airflow.

Yarn Rosettes

Double button tufting soft yarn rosettes hold the layers of the IDLE Latex together rather than glue for a more natural build and durability.

Where the comfort begins

1" natural wool quilted into the cover for added softness & comfort. This natural wool layer also acts as a natural fire barrier.

100% Pure Latex

3" of 100% Pure GOLS Certified Dunlop Latex. It offers open cell breathability and optimal support, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and inherently anti-microbial, so you’ll sleep better & breathe easier.

Coil Support

layer providing the correct tension management at each part of the mattress

6" Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils

These coils provide world-class support throughout the mattress and reduce motion transfer to limit the disturbance of motion from your partner, children or your pet.

Carry Handles

For easy handling of the mattress

Double sided

Since IDLE Mattresses are 2 sided once you flip your mattress you have the same layers

interactive mattress
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

“I rarely leave reviews but I absolutely love this mattress. I was skeptical about buying a mattress online, and spent many hours researching different companies and mattresses. I've been sleeping on this new mattress for over 3 months and I never want to get out of bed. I used to be a sucker for a pillow-top mattress, but hated when the mattress gets dented from sleeping in the same spot, this is why I love that you can flip this mattress. I was very impressed by the fast email responses and costumer service even on the weekend. Thanks for the awesome mattress!”

Katie P. - Clearwater, FL


Our IDLE Hybrid Mattress comes in 2 firmness levels – “Medium” at 6-7 and a “Luxury Firm” at 9-9.5.

6-7 Medium
9-9.5 Luxury Firm

Medium firmness is most popular. Combination sleepers, those who sleep on their side, back and stomach should consider the IDLE Medium. With the Medium you will find the best pressure relief, good body conformance and little motion disturbance.


Very firm mattresses are often most enjoyed by back sleepers and if this is you, the Luxury Firm will provide unmatched support.

Premium Natural Latex Sleep by Idle

If you love a Latex bed but hate high store prices and if you want an all natural mattress Idle Latex is for you. With a more bounce than our foams, latex keeps you feeling fully supported. Idle Latex also sleeps very cool.

Eco-friendly and all natural, IDLE’s Organic Cotton and wool covers and Natural Latex make Idle the top choice for natural latex sleepers.

Why Many Love Latex

There is no way to know for sure until you try it but many who try natural latex mattresses never go back.
Latex sleeps very cool. Traditional Memory Foam sleeps hot for 2 reasons:

⦁ Memory foam uses visco-elastic chemicals that gives the foam the “memory” feel & slow response. These chemicals store heat in the mattress. Memory foam conformance is why most people buy memory foam. The problem is the foam wraps around your body, traps & stores heat.

⦁ IDLE foams provide the same type of comfort and pressure relief but do not trap heat, and Latex, unlike foams, even barriers heat from collecting.

Quantum Edge to Edge Support

⦁ Edge Support: Idle’s patented coils run all the way to the edges of the mattress providing improved edge support. Never a “roll off the bed” feeling.

⦁ Durability: The Idle System is built to be the most durable systems you can get. With over 1000 coils in a queen your IDLE Mattress will hold up for years.

⦁ Our pressure alignment system ensures that your hips, shoulders and back are always in proper alignment & there is very little motion transfer

No Better Rest Than Idle

All Natural

All IDLE Mattresses use CertiPur Foams and the Latex model takes it a step further with Natural Organic Cotton Fabric and Natural GOLS Certified Latex, making this a great option for those seeking something all natural.

Better Materials

All IDLE Hybrid mattresses use a State of the Art Pocketed Coil Unit that provides optimal support for your body and superior edge support. The Natural Latex used in this model paired with the durable coil unit will ensure this mattress lasts and lasts.

Cooler Sleep

All IDLE Mattresses were designed to Sleep Cool. This model uses Natural Latex and Coils. Our latex sleeps exceptionally cool since it does not trap heat and is aerated. The coil unit and aerated foam allows for great airflow resulting in cooler sleep.


Quick and easy in 4 Steps


Once you have IDLE in your room, remove IDLE from the box


Place IDLE on it’s platform, boxspring or other sleeping surface


Unwrap IDLE and unroll IDLE


Watch IDLE expand quickly to full size. IDLE is ready to sleep right away with no funny smells or off gassing

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“Review by David Johnson from Tampa”

A friend recommended replacing my old worn out mattress with a latex one because it promotes body alignment thus reducing or overall eliminating bed pains. I sleep lightly and I need to be comfortable before dozing off, so I took the chance on this latex double sided mattress from Idle sleep and I appreciate it. It’s quite pricey, plus the additional cost on delivery and removal, but it gave me so much relaxation. Rest feels like luxury with this mattress, and it’s a luxury I can afford!

The firmness is just enough and doesn’t strain my body, especially my spine. The fabric is also incredibly soft to the skin and I just adore the entire feel of it. Something I truly love about this product is that it’s made with organic and natural materials. Lovely product and great service! Thanks Idle Sleep!

David J. - Florida
“Review by Steven Wong from San Diego”

Not a lot of products can both be eco-friendly and luxurious, but this sure is! We just moved in to our new home and we bought a few sets of the hybrid latex mattresses from Idle Sleep for the entire family. Guess what? Everyone loves them. It gave us all a restful sleep and we have less to worry about, now that we’ve got a great mattress for the rooms in our house. These mattresses are comfy and soft, but are firmer than other products in the market. We don’t get sucked into the mattress when sleeping on it which is how we like it.

Steven W. - ,California
“Review by Brent Rowling”

I figured this wasn’t the best mattress for my need. It wasn’t like the quality was poor or that the mattress wasn’t great – it was an amazing product. But I got this for my aging mother and I only knew later on that this wasn’t the best mattress since it doesn’t conform and support the body as well as the other types. Latex mattresses are firmer in feel and density, so they may not be able to relieve pressure as well. Anyways, the service staff was very accommodating, and I’d love to have it for myself instead. Thank you Idle Sleep!

Brent R. - Florida
“Review by Annie Shenton from Orange County”

Best mattress for me! I live in a state with a colder climate almost all year long, and getting a high-quality heater would be breaking the bank. But, getting this mattress was the best investment for me because it can store heat and keep me warm all night long. I especially appreciate this feature because my pregnancy is in its third trimester and the cold can make me very uncomfortable. Yes, I can snuggle up with comforter to do the trick, but this miraculously works like a heating pad. I’ve had the fanciest bed rest ever since my husband got this mattress! Big thanks!

Annie S. - , California
“Review by Vincent Corrs from San Francisco”

This is way too expensive for my taste, but sleep has become such a luxury in the past few years because of my busy lifestyle. Now that I’m taking things slow as I transition into the family life, I invested in this baby and I have zero regrets. It’s such a great product and it conserves heat naturally, giving you great relaxing sleep. I’ve had to hustle up to afford such a luxury and let me tell you, it’s so worth it. A high-quality mattress is something everyone should save up for in the future, and this one from Idle Rest is truly the best for me.

Vincent C. - California
“Review by Briana Colin”

I choose to buy this mattress because of the good reviews I have read online saying that it is a superb latex hybrid mattress. I could say that it really is a good mattress. It’s got the best of both worlds—the softness of the memory foam and latex and the right amount of bounce of a coil mattress. It also does not retain too much heat as what is expected in a memory foam mattress. I also love the motion reduction feature of the mattress, as I get to enjoy undisturbed sleep even with my partner’s constant movement on the other side of the bed.
However, I only decide to give it 3 stars because of the delay in the delivery. Also, the weight of the mattress makes it quite hard to enjoy the flip design. As of now, I don’t have any regrets, and I would still choose to buy this mattress in the future. Hopefully, by that time the mattress will arrive as scheduled.

Briana C. - Florida
“Review by Liam Smith of Baltimore”

My wife and I have decided to buy this product because of the recommendation of her longtime friend. Actually, we have been looking out for a new mattress for quite some time because our current mattress is already worn out and old and we prefer to try a new brand. So, we did try out her recommendation.
This double-sided latex hybrid mattress from Idle didn’t disappoint. It did give us luxury comfort and the right amount of support. I and my wife also don’t feel too hot, unlike our previous mattress where it retains much of our body heat, making us feel sweaty and hot on the bed. With my size and weight, I would really prefer a firm mattress that lets me sleep on the bed. I didn’t expect that a bed with this softness could still give me the right amount of support that my body needs.
The next time we need another mattress, we don’t have to look out and ask for any recommendations anymore, for this 2-sided latex hybrid mattress is perfect for me and my wife’s needs.

Liam S. - Maryland
“Elena Lopez of Houston”

I have been using this mattress for almost 2 months now. I just chose to give in my review after I have used it for some time to test if this really works and to give a credible review of the product. It was my mama who bought this mattress for me as a gift. I am quite ecstatic because she said that the make-up of this bed is all-natural, which is what I prefer.
The first thing I noticed as I unbox the mattress is that it doesn’t give off a strong scent or a chemical smell, maybe because the outer layer is made of organic cotton. The mattress is also not too soft and not too firm with the perfect amount of bounce. This gives me a cozy feeling upon lying down and sleeping.
After months of lying in the bed, never once did I feel hot upon waking up. Given the plenty of layers of the bed, I wasn’t quite expecting that. The one thing I would love to change on the mattress is the weight. It is quite heavy, thus it’s hard for me to use the other side. But overall, I’m thankful to my mama for giving me this bed.

Elena L. - Houston, TX
“Review By John Miller of Ohio”

I bought this bed because my wife is quite amazed by the two-sided design of the mattress. So, I gave in and bought it for her as a gift. Little did I know that I will be more than happy with this mattress.
The mattress arrived on time, which is definitely a plus for me. Upon unboxing it, I didn’t smell out any harsh chemicals which is what I assumed it would be. By just looking at it, I could already say this bed really is worth every penny in my pocket. Upon sleeping, I noticed that the mattress perfectly conforms with my body without a sinking-feeling.
When waking up, I noticed that I didn’t feel hot at all and did sleep the entire night away. My wife is the happiest because she gets to enjoy an undisturbed and comfortable sleep. It has been like this for a week now, and hopefully, this will continue for the months or years to come.

John M. - Ohio
“Review by Meredith Jones”

I am glad I made the right call and purchase this mattress. This 2-sided Latex Hybrid Idle Mattress really is a cutting-edge mattress to buy. The reason me and my husband bought this mattress is because of its cutting-edge flip design. We get to enjoy the mattress while preserving its durability.
In addition, the mattress got the perfect softness that doesn’t make you feel as if you are sinking. Plus, it doesn’t retain too much heat like that of our previous bed. It also has the right amount of support that is perfect for my husband who constantly feels sore upon waking up. With this bed, I haven’t heard him complain of back pain or soreness ever since. Plus, the edge-to-edge support on the bed is superb. It doesn’t make us feel like tumbling off the bed.
All-in-all, this bed is good for the money. With the overall features of the bed, this will not make me second-guess in buying this bed again in the future.

Meredith J. - Jersey, NJ
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Where can I use to support my IDLE Mattress?

All IDLE Mattresses will work on platform beds, the floor, adjustable bases, boxsprings/foundations, or slats.

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