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Staying Warm in the Winter

When the days are short and outdoor temperatures frigid, crawling into a cozy bed for a long night’s sleep is divine. But if you’re shivering your way through the night, it can be impossible to get decent rest. Instead of cranking up the furnace and paying an astronomical bill to try to stay warm, here are some tips for making your bedroom the warm, comfortable oasis it should be during the winter months.

Seal out drafts: Check around windows and doors for any spots where cold air may be seeping into your bedroom. Insulated curtains are good both for warding off the chill from windowpanes and for blocking stray light that can keep you up.

Warm the room: The ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so go ahead and lower the thermostat a bit at night. If the air in your bedroom feels a bit too nippy in that range, try running a space heater in your room for a little while shortly before you go to bed with the door closed to keep in the heat.

Use flannel sheets: Swap out your normal smooth bedsheets for a set of cotton flannel. The fluffy brushed fibers of this type of fabric trap more air for better insulation.

Add layers: Just as you layer your clothes in the winter, you should layer your bedding as well. Air is a poor heat conductor, so creating trapped layers of air in between your sheets, blankets, and comforter helps to keep the warmth in. This also makes it easy to remove a layer or two if you should get too warm in the middle of the night.

Try heating the bed: If the worst part of your night is crawling between cold sheets and shivering until you’ve warmed up the bed, try heating it first. Either a heated electric mattress pad or an electric blanket can be turned on when you start getting ready for bed, so by the time you’re ready to lay down the bed is nice and toasty. You can also slip a hot water bottle or microwaveable rice bag between the sheets to warm things up before bedtime.

Wear pajamas: Putting on a pair of comfy pajamas adds an extra layer of insulation to assist your bedding in keeping you at the right temperature. If you need to get up in the middle of night for any reason, you’ll also be glad you have them on!

Keep your feet warm: When your toes feel like ice cubes, the rest of you will feel frozen too. A fluffy pair of socks can not only help ward off that icy chill, but they may also help you fall to sleep faster.

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January 25th, 2019

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